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About XCard

XCard is a flashcard application designed to help students memorize words faster. I wrote it because I needed a quick way to memorize words without lugging around 400 3x5 cards. XCard will let you create and edit your own word lists and provides a scoring mechanism for keeping track of your score. In addition to keeping track of your scores, XCard will also graph your progress over time.

XCard is what is called a Leitner based French flashcard program because words are categorized from lesser known words to known words. When a word is correctly entered, it will traverse from the lesser known category to the greater known category. In the case of XCard, the categories are smiley faces on the main screen. You can select what category of words that you would like to work on by simply clicking on the smiley faces so that the smiley face has a yellow background.

XCard also has the capability to translate from English to French and the ability to pronounce the word in both languages. This is extremely useful in terms of understanding the pronounciation of a word.

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