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  • Fixed the lookup page
  • Removed the speech button because the online site that would provide the speech functionality no longer exists
  • Added gradient paint to the chart
  • Changed the encoding of the translation page.
  • Fixed a problem where an error wouldn't be displayed if the wordlist couldn't be saved
  • Fixed a problem with the translation function.
  • Updated the site ceritifcate with XCard
  • The French pronunciation is now working again
  • New icons for XCard. Thank you WBCHUG for the free icons
  • Fixed a problem where the directory or XCard was not retained properly
  • Fixed the screen height so that the image displays nicely
  • Fonts were changed to Helvetica. In the past some of the fonts were Times and others were Helvetica.
  • Clicking on the happy faces will either disable or enable a category of words. This allows the student to focus on just one or more categories.
  • Updated the certificates for all downloaded jar files. Now using the Free Thawte Certificate
  • Small changes to the translation of the buttons
  • Updated the help page to point to the new web site
  • Updated the Mac OS X screenshots
  • Fixed a small bug where changing the accent character would erase text to the right of the accented character
  • Better Mac OS X Support. Now uses Apple Menubar
  • Fixed a title display issue for the card screen
  • Shortcuts added for opening, saving, and translation
  • Added ù support so that où could be entered into XCard
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the word list
  • Now uses UTF-8 internally for accented characters
  • Faire expressions added to the default words list
  • Saved vocabulary lists are now saved with an encoding of UTF-8. This change provides support for other languages.
  • UTF-8 support solves a bug with j2dk1.4.2_03 and encoding running on Fedora Core 1
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