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  • Re-worked the tranlsation screen.
  • The tranlsation screen can now translate from French to English or the reverse
  • XCard can now speak in English
  • Bug fix on the initial word list selection screen
  • Set the default jvm support to 1.4+. I could not retain 1.3 support due to a bug in URL encoding with jvm 1.3.x.
  • Changed code to eliminate deprecated api calls
  • With 1.4 jvm support, it is no longer necessary to download the xml jar files. XCard justs uses the xml api shipped with the 1.4 jvm.
  • Now Supports French users trying to learn English. Preferences can choose whether you want to translate to English or French.
  • More pictures added
  • Bug fixed with the audio
  • Preferences panel localized
  • Workaround of a possible jarsigner bug with jdk 1.4.2
  • More message localization
  • Upgraded kunststoff look and feel to 2.0.1. Improved ui performance and bug fixes for kunststoff look and feel.
  • Added present subjunctive
  • Startup is slightly faster
  • Changed Text to Speech Engine
  • Upgraded JFreeChart
  • Translations now work again
  • The menus are now in French or English
  • Fixed a bug when trying to save a word list
  • Tested with jdk1.4.1 and java webstart 1.2
  • Added reflexive word list
  • Fixed bugs related to translating words
  • Now using a different Text to Speech Engine
  • On-line translations now work again
  • Warning message displayed if the audio line is not available. Typically, this will affect Linux when another application is using the audio line
  • Added Irregular Futur wordlist
  • Fixed a nullpointer bug with the lookup
  • Updated the kunststoff look and feel
  • XCard has been featured on Sun's Swing Sightings website
  • Kunststoff look and feel added. Can be accessed via the preferences. Choosing Default look and feel uses the system look and feel. Let me know if this is a problem for Mac OS X users.
  • Updated image to something more modern that works a little better with the Kunststoff look and feel
  • Fixed a bug where XCard did not remember the volume preference
  • Added Le corps humain to default word list
  • More localization
  • New version of JFreechart works around RedHat 7.2 deadlock condition
  • Bug fixed when switching locale
  • Temporary files are deleted when jvm exits under Windows
  • Progress page now localized
  • Fixed some small bugs in the irregular verbs conjugation
  • Added the Lookup capability. This allows you to type in an English word which it will translate the word. You can then add it to the current list or create your own list.
  • Fixed a bug where if you tried to save your list and you were working on individual parts, the full list was not saved.
  • You can now choose whether you want to work on the excellent words or poor words by clicking on the happy faces. This new feature allows the user to only work on poorly known words or words that are well known.
  • New flash card engine implemented. This was needed to implement the feature of selectively working on a list. Also, I think the new flash card engine repeats words better and allows you to get through a whole list faster than the previous version.
  • Help item added to the menu which takes you to this page
  • New pictures added
  • Several of the default word lists have more words added and several bugs fixed
  • Added Irregular Verbs, but this one doesn't have any conjugations
  • Fixed some bugs with the Irregular Verbs Passé Composé and added some more words
  • Added Irregular Verbs Passé Composé
2/13/01 - Merci Jean Pierre. He found a couple of bugs in the default word lists.
  • Contraires - lendemain
  • La Conduite - la minéralogique
  • Added the capability for ï in words. I can't find it, but there was a word in Journal Français that used an ï.
  • Added the places word list.
  • Added a list of adjectives too.
1/30/01 0.0.25
  • Now displays a progress bar to show how many words were attempted.
  • Contraires were added
  • Faster loading of larger word lists
  • Added Chapter 8 La Conduite.
  • Depending on what version you have, you might get a note about upgrading XCard. Unfortunately, under MS Windows the dialog box is hidden. It will look like XCard is up and running, but it won't let you input anything. Simply hit Alt-Tab to display the message about the upgrade and then hit ok.
1/26/01 0.0.24
  • The pictures, default words, and code are in a separate container. This allows me to update a part of the application so that upgrades happen incrementally.
1/13/01 0.0.23
  • Another bug fix on the sound preference
  • Fixed a bug in the overall score calculation
1/5/01 0.0.22
  • More bug fixes to allow incremental updates of the list of default words.
  • Faster startup time and lower usage of memory.
  • The scoring was updated to handle regression of well known words.
  • Bug fix where the sound would not be off even though it was specified off in the preferences.
  • More display translations

12/30/00 0.0.21

  • Added localization support. Go to Edit and choose Preferences to change the default display language.
  • Le médecin word list added to the list of default word lists

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